TypeScript and Duck Typing

interface IItem 
id: number,
title: string
function print(item: IItem)
console.log(item.id + " > " + item.title);
var i : IItem = {
id: 10,
title : "ABC"
//Ok - As it implements IItem
//Ok - As it implicitly implements IItem
print({ id: 11, title: "XYZ" });
interface IProduct
id: number,
title: string,
author: string
var book: IProduct = {
id: 1,
title: "C# in Depth",
author: "Jon Skeet"
//Ok - Even though book implements IProduct and not the IItem
//It has two properties "id" and "title"
//which is actually the print function is interested in




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Ajay Bhosale

Ajay Bhosale

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